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Scientific Evidence Services

The outcome of many cases is decided at the intersection of science and the law.  As a law clerk on the United States Court of Appeals Loring specialized in assisting federal appellate Judges in recognizing the characteristics and reasoning of "science" as it is relevant to litigation.


 With extensive training in the Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence as published by the Federal Judicial Center and with hundreds of hours spent in his own practice deposing scientific experts, Loring is available to cross examine physicians and other scientific and technical experts at trial or deposition.  Loring will prepare his own exhibits for use in a trial or at a deposition regarding the scientific or medical expert at issue.
 Loring also provides assistance in retaining the appropriate scientific expert for a given case and in ensuring that a proposed expert's reasoning and/or methodology is scientifically valid and admissible for use pursuant to Daubert v. Merrell Dowell Pharmaceuticals, 509 U.S. 579 (1993) and its progeny.


 After a free telephone conference and a possible review of related materials, Loring will advise if he can be of assistance.  Depending upon the nature and circumstances of your case and upon other factors, Loring may be available on a contingency fee basis.


 Please contact Loring to help ensure that your proffered scientific testimony or evidence satisfies the relevant standards of evidentiary reliability or that your opponent's proffered testimony is deemed “junk science” and excluded by the court. 


 If you desire for Loring to prepare a cross examination of a scientific or medical expert, please contact Tammy at (865) 584 8620 to schedule a telephone conference with Loring, or click here to schedule a confidential consultation with Loring, at your convenience.



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