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Nursing Home Abuse

Loring Justice has been fighting to protect the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect ever since he began practicing law. It's shocking that people would abuse the vulnerable elderly residents of nursing homes and other residential care facilities (RCFs), but it happens with an alarming frequency ─ so frequently that the federal and state governments have all enacted legislation to combat it.


Examples of Nursing Home Abuse
Abuse of the elderly in nursing homes and RCFs may be committed by staff, therapists, other residents, and con artists. Examples of nursing home abuse include:

  • Physical abuse: Inflicting an injury or physical pain on an elderly person, or depriving him or her of a basic need
  • Emotional abuse: Inflicting anguish or distress on an elderly person through verbal or nonverbal behavior (e.g., insults, threats, manipulation)
  • Neglect: Failure to provide food, health care, shelter, or protection for an elderly person
  • Sexual abuse: Non-consensual sexual contact or activity of any kind
  • Financial exploitation: Misusing, concealing, or taking an elderly person's funds, assets, or property.


Contact Loring Justice for Help
If your elderly loved one has been abused in a nursing home or RCF, or if you suspect that abuse or neglect has occurred, contact Loring Justice. He understands the anguish that family members are going through in these cases, and he will fight to ensure that the victim's and family's losses are fairly compensated.


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