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Loring Justice is a Partner in the Law office of Loring Justice in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he practices tort law. He concentrates his practice in the areas of products and pharmaceutical liability, nursing home negligence and abuse, and Medicare and Medicaid fraud...

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Professional Services

Investment Fund Consulting

In an ever-growing, event driven financial industry that is now comprised of $1.7 trillion in assets, having the informational edge is of paramount importance to fund managers and traders. Described by Portfolio magazine as the “Secret Weapon” of hedge funds, Loring Justice combines hundreds of hours of courtroom experience...

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Scientific Evidence Services

The outcome of many cases is decided at the intersection of science and the law.  As a law clerk on the United States Court of Appeals Loring specialized in assisting federal appellate Judges in recognizing the characteristics and reasoning of "science" as it is relevant to litigation.

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